Using Our Ruins For His Glory

Dear #PrisonersOfHope,

As I was entering my favorite shop at any mall, CUM bookshop, something got my attention, a cover of a CD. I thought the drawings were done in a haphazard way and yet there was something strikingly beautiful about that art work. As I drew closer, I caught a glimpse of the title “Glorious Ruins,” yet another release by the mighty Hillsong. Immediately, the question that came to my mind was, ‘how can something that is ruined be glorious?’

“Ruins” according to the dictionary is the state of complete disintegration, state of decay, remains, rubble, debris, wreck. On the other hand “glorious” means great beauty, honor, worthy of admiration. These are two contradictory terms appearing in conjunction. Could something worthy of admiration come out of rubbles, debris, wreck? Yes, sometimes God will allowed our lives to be in ruins or state of brokenness so that He can find glory in the very broken pieces of our lives.

Truth be told, we are all a little broken, it is only the brave ones who are willing to admit. The rest of us often hide our brokenness, preferring to present to the world, a safe façade of who we are. But here is the good news, just because we have been broken does not mean we are thrown away, it does not mean we are forgotten and it does not mean we are unusable. There is beauty in being broken. Brokenness has the power to bring forth new beauty, strength, and inspiration to others. I have heard that ‘broken things become useful in the hands of God.’

The bible in the book of Isaiah 61 v 3, talks about giving us beauty for ashes. How can something beautiful come out of ashes? God is able to pick you up out of the ash pile of life and make something beautiful out of you. I have come to realize that there are no wasted moments with God. He can take every moment you thought was wasted and use it to create a story that help someone else believe.

My mother was very good with her hands. I grew up wearing the most beautiful frilled dresses produced right in front of me. What fascinated me the most as a little girl was her needlework. I noticed that while she was still working on the product, it looked like a complete mess, especially the inside. It will be a tangled mess of threads and knots and a mismatched grouping of colors, it was hard to even see the pattern. But the end product was always a masterpiece. Could it be, that maybe this is how God works in our lives, He will use all the threads, threads of different colors. Threads of our past mistakes, threads of our character flaws, threads of our failure, threads of our shame, threads of our disappointment, to form us into His masterpiece. We might not see the pattern while He is still at work, but the end product it is for His glory.

There is always a reason why God has allowed that state of decay in your life. That state of decay or that mess, that you cannot even see a pattern, it’s just a process, a process to your destiny.  There is no way that you would have come to our home and place an order of what my mother was still working on, it was too much of a mess. But wait until you see the end product. Therefore we must be careful not to judge people while there are still going through the process. Sometimes we are too quick to put a period in a sentence that God is still writing. No one knows how God will end His book, but He tends to save the best for last. So, whatever area of your life is laying in ruins today, God might use it for His glory tomorrow.

Signed: #RestoredMe