Restoring Broken Walls

Dear #PrisonersOfHope

Recently I was invited as one of the speakers at the launch of Amazing Grace Ministries under the theme: Restoring Broken Walls.

In the book of Nehemiah, Jesus is the Restorer of the broken walls of our shattered lives.

Sometimes in life just like the children of Israel in the book of Nehemiah, we find ourselves at a place where the walls of our lives are broken down.

Sometimes we do not even know how the walls around us came tumbling down. Maybe just like the children of Israel the enemy broke down our walls. Sometimes our walls were broken down by our own iniquities, our own mistakes or poor choices we made.

When our walls are broken down, we are left exposed, ashamed and feeling guilty. It is always good to remember that the mercy of God is greater than our mistakes. God is able to rebuilt new walls, shaped with His truth and His grace as the foundation.

Restoration according to the dictionary is “to return back to its original state.”

According to the bible restoration is “to recover more than you lost.”

Job in the bible lost everything – his children, wealth, afflicted with agonizing disease and abandoned by everyone he loved. But God restored Job’s life. Job 42 v 12 says “Now the Lord blessed the latter days of Job more than his beginning.” Job recovered more than he lost. God in the book of Zachariah promised that He will restore to us double for our troubles. Now this is the kind of restoration I desire, after everything I went through in life, I don’t want the dictionary kind of restoration, I don’t want to go back to the way things were, I want more than I have lost, the God kind of restoration.

I’ve been intrigued by Joel 2 v 25 for quite sometime now. I am amazed at how God Almighty promised that He will restore the lost time. “So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten, the crawling locust, the consuming locust, and the chewing locust.”

Lost years are the wasted years. Years of total desolution.

Years you invested in a project that never worked out.

Years you invested in a relationship with someone who did not have the capacity to love you.

Years you spent afflicted with agonizing disease

Years where you have worked very hard and reap very little if not nothing.

Years where what is generally normal for other people, was a miracle for you to have.

Years of missing out on great opportunities.

Years of great disappointment, regrets and shame.

Years where you felt beaten, broken and hopeless.

Remember, nothing with God is ever wasted. There is restoration for everything that you have lost. Our God is a God who restores. The truth of the matter is that even in those “wasted years” God was busy doing something in our life that we judt could not see through our disappointment.

Whether we have done things that are our own fault, or whether it is the enemy who has stolen from us, God is still the Restorer

Restoration is one step beyond redemption, it is when God shows us that we actually lost nothing in the process. God can restore the years you have lost. There is nothing so great and sweet as the taste of restoration. The second journey in God’s will for our lives is greater than the original. He tends to save the best for last. Do not allow the bitter taste of regrets and shame to weigh you down, hand them over to God, bearing in mind that with God “Nothing is lost.”

Signed: #RestoredMe